Top 5 kaff Kitchen Chimney reviews - Buying Guide 2020 - Price List Of Kaff Chimney

This will be probably your first time buying a chimney and you must be wondering what the right chimney for my kitchen is, well you’re in the right place because here in this blog we discuss about kaff chimneys and share kaff chimney reviews, which are the best for Indian kitchens. There are many leading brand in India that sell chimneys but the best is Kaff Chimney you may buy online.

Starting in the late 1980’s Kaff Chimney quickly became the common name for Indian toiletries later conquering the Indian market in 2001 they launched the very first line up of chimneys in india under the name of Kaff chimney reviews on best kaff chimney,  just in a few years gave a great competition to international brands like faber  and crushing its competition .So, here we are highlighting the important point to consider while buying kaff chimney on the bases of customer reviews and mentioning  some of the best kaff chimney reviews.

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Now we discuss what we are here for the best Kaff chimney Reviews for Indian kitchens

    Best 5 Kaff Kitchen Chimney For Indian Kitchen (High Reviews Kaff Chimney)

    KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney for kitchen(ELBAA MX 60, Grey)

     Kaff 60cm 1000m3 Kitchen Chimney Reviews
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    👉The KAFF kitchen chimney has a suction capacity of 1000 m³/hr, having advance technology and excellent ergonomic design. Read the review of kaff chimney to have brode understanding about the advance technology and the design of kaff chimney

    👉KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney for kitchen(ELBAA MX 60, Grey), It's has an excellent metallic motor which is very essay to operate. The metallic power of kaff chimney provides extraordinary capacity of suction smoke. Kaff 60 cm come very first in our list biased on the kaff kitchen chimney reviews which we got from the satisfied customer 

    👉This Kaff electric chimney has a very good longer life guarantee

    👉Some of the impressive feature of this kaff chimney are, impressive low power consumpation and making very less noise, almost to nothing, very smooth.

    👉This kaff chimney is in build with cassette filter and the and the material utilized the build this filter is aluminum. And the mesh which is used in this thats provides gaps so air can pass between them

    👉Kaff provide best Oil and best grease particles in the air strike to this mesh aluminum thread which plays a very significant role in removable pf dust and dirt, but it's very important to clean on weekly bases and must clean you kitchen chimney in proper ways to use for longer time.

    👉The stylish kaff kitchen chimney and perfectly design to fit your kitchen and a stainless steel finish gives you the believe on the strength of kaff  chimney that is way, its perfect for your modern kitchen.

    👉High suction power capacity, is absolutely perfect for small kitchen which does not experience heavy-duty cooking. While the aluminum filter used in this kaff chimney make your cleaning process very easy and smooth.

    👉The Kaff brand they have mention in the guideline that the brand providing 7 years of guaranty of it's motor which very few kitchen chimney brands offer. It's is one of the best kitchen chimney in India which is perfect for your kitche.

    This kaff chimney having excellent customer reviews you may on amazon

    Pons -

    ✔️Size:60 cm
    ✔️Suction Power: 1000 m3/hr
    ✔️Warranty: 1 year on the product guaranty, 7 years on motor
    ✔️Cassette Filter
    ✔️Push Button Control
    ✔️Type: Pyramid, Wall Mounted

    Cons -

    ❌AS per the reviews, I personally wound find any cons

    KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/hr Kaff Chimney Review (FIM BF 60, 2Baffle Filters, Steel & Black)

     Kaff 60cm 1080 m3  chimney reviews

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    👉KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/hr Kaff Chimney Review (FIM BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Steel & Black) Chimney has a suction  power capacity of 1080 m3/h. This kitchen chimney has, FIM BF 60 is a best for Indian kitchen and it's absolutely perfect for Indian style cooking.

    👉Kaff 60cm, kitchen chimney, is available in multiple option like it comes with a stainless finish, stainless steel finish and the hood also  have LED Light which provide perfect lighting while you cooking in your kitchen and provide you perfect light so you do your cooking easily. 

    👉This Kaff chimney, having an excellent design and advanced technology which helps to maintain and give you a smoke-free kitchen, clean kitchen and fresh.

    👉It has LED light which give you perfect combines of light and work and excellent light distribution with a low level of power consumption. It has a long lifespan and also provide brightness in your kitchen. After going through the kaffa chimney, we found that the brands provide very good after sell service.

    👉This kaff kitchen chimney is equipped with the Baffle Filter which is absolutely perfect for Indian kitchen and many of the experts highlight the important of cleaning of kitchen chimney for long lifespan of chimney

    👉The baffle filter, the brands has used in this kitchen chimney is absolutely high quality which collects all grease, smoke and dust particles which is produce while cooking. The maintenance of baffle filter required very less time and money and needs to be cleaned once in a while for proper functioning of the chimney.

    👉The noise feature of kaff 60cm is absolutely phenomenal (The word phenomenal taken from one of the reviews on this model), So, Now you don’t need to worry about a noisy of your kitchen chimney if your go with this model, as this chimney is designed to produce low levels of noise.

    👉This Kaff chimney comes with one year warranty on a product and 7 years on motor.

    Pros -

    ✔️Size:60 cm
    ✔️Suction Capacity: 1080 m3/hr
    ✔️Warranty: 1 year on Complete product, 7 years on motor
    ✔️Control Type: Push Button Control

    Cons -

    ❌Very Less noise

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    3 KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/h Kaff Chimney Review (NERO MX 60, Black)

     Kaff 60 cm kitchen chimney reviews

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    👉KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/h Chimney boastd with an impressive suction power capacity of 1080 cubic per meter/hour which is absolutely amazing suction power give by any brands and comes with high quality filter called aluminum filter and sufficient to rid fumes and smoke from your kitchen.

    👉This modal of kaff kitchen chimney has a maximum noise level of 62 dB which is very less compare to other brands kitchen chimney and the functioning of chimney is very silently and remove odors and fumes to keep your kitchen clean and fress.

    👉So, Furthermore, this kaff modal, kitchen chimney is very much compact in size and makes it perfect for you to buy and installed over cook tops. This kitchen chimney has an excellent design which increase the beauty of your overall kitchen, enhancing its elegance and many more.

    👉The push controls feature of this kitchen chimney make it very essay to operate, it's so ease that anybody can easily handle it.

    👉It has an Aluminium cassette filter which is very lighter, so the cleaning became very if you go with this kaff modal and very easy to handle. It (Kaff Chimney) has Multiple layers of oil particle from smoke , mesh retain grease, and that helps to throw out smoke from your kitchen.

    👉One of the hardest thing to clean your kitchen and specially when you don't have a kitchen chimney install in your kitchen, In Such situation,  The smoke get produce while cooking it's leave fumes which leave imprints in your kitchen and that make your kitchen messy and hard to clean. The Kaff chimney model will provide proper ventilation to your kitchen when you are cooking.

    👉Finally, This Kaff kitchen chimney, having an impressive suction power capacity of 1080 m3/h while producing a maximum noise level of 62 dB which give you very pleasant feeling while cooking.

    👉This Kaff 60 cm wide Kaff kitchen chimney is perfectly for a cook top of the same or smaller size. The Kaff kitchen has a warranty of 1 years on a product and 7 years on motor.

    Pros –

    ✔️Size:60 cm
    ✔️Suction Power Capacity: 1080 m3/hr
    ✔️Warranty: 1 year on the product, 7 years on motor
    ✔️Cassette Filter
    ✔️Control Type: Push Button Control

    Cons –

    ❌One Thing to keep in mind clean it every second week

    KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney ( kaff chimney ray 60, 2Cassette Filters, Steel & Black)

     Kaff 60 cm 1000 kitchen chimney

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    👉KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney ( kaff chimney ray 60, 2 Cassette Filters, Steel & Black) Kaff Kitchen Chimney will help you to remove the steam and fumes producing while you do heavy cooking specially in Indian cooking style and the ingredient get use in for cooking like Oil, so the removable of oil become necessary for keeping you healthy
    👉The  kaff Kitchen chimney ray 60 cm has the suction power capacity of 1000 m3/h suction power capacity which helps in the removable of smoke and keep your kitchen temperature a normal by allowing fresh air to circulate in your kitchen.
    👉Specally, this Kaff kitchen chimney is absolutely perfect for 4 burner stove and it has a design like wall mounted kitchen chimney.
    👉The company provide 1 year of warranty on a complete product and 7 years on motor.
    👉Now Finally, we talk about the filter which this kaff kitchen chimney comes with two Cassette Filter which is money saving but requires cleaning every 2 weeks.
    👉This Kaff wall-mounted chimney sports an impressive suction power capacity of 1080 m3/h while producing a maximum noise level of 62 dB.

    ✔️Size:60 cm
    ️✔️Suction Capacity: 1000 m3/hr
    ️✔️Warranty: 1 year on the product, 7 years on motor
    ✔️Cassette Filter

    ❌You Have To Pay Installation

    KAFF 60 cm 1180 m3/hr Chimney (OPEC BGX 60, 2 CassetteFilters, Touch Control, Steel & Black)

     Kaff 60 cm 1180 m3 chimney Reviews

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    👉The KAFF OPEC BGX -60 Kitchen chimney with a suction power capacity of 1180 m^3 /hr and it offers advance technology with excellent design which enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen. This kitchen chimney provides excellent ventilation so you kitchen can smell fresh all the time and give smoke free kitchen so you can do your cooking without any difficulty.
    👉This Kaff kitchen chimney is well-design and well sturdy of both( Indian kitchen and cooking habits). Basically the front panel of this kaff kitchen chimney is made of a beautiful black glass and has a excellent matte finish, which lends to a very attractive look to this kaff kitchen chimney.
    👉It has an excellent lighting system which includes two 1.5 Watt LED lamps that make sure that the cooking area in the kitchen is well light all the times.
    👉They have used the aluminum filter which is one of the top filter in kitchen chimney and the filter air and smoke perfectly.. Aluminum is not a reactive metal and that lades to a chance of abrasion, staining, and  corrosion caused by continuous exposure to smoke and fumes in the kitchen while cooking.
    👉This Kaff kitchen chimney offers 1180 m3/h suction power capacity and comes with excellent touch control panel and LED lights which is user friendly. The design of this kaff chimney is absolutely perfect and that what it makes a perfect for your kitche.
    👉This particular model of kaff appliance in kitchen hood comes with two different options  (1) 60cm and (2) 90cm. And this kaff kichen chimney has a matt black finish which enhance the beauty of your kitchen..
    👉The Kaff kitchen chimney comes with one year complete warranty on a product and 7 years on motor. 
    Pros –

    ✔️Size:60 cm
    ✔️Suction Capacity: 1180 m3/hr
    ✔️Cassette Filter
    ✔️Control Type: Touch Control

    Cons –
    ❌No Installation Charge

    When it comes to buy kaff kitchen chimney, one should keep 4 aspects in mind:-

    This really matters because you will not want to over crowd your kitchen as chimneys take space and proper channel of wiring while buying you should measure the space and then go ahead and buy on of the kaff chimney we have listed, the right size of chimney for your kitchen for optimum use of space for the most houses who have 2-3 stove 60cm Kaff kitchen chimney is adequate.
    The next this one should keep in mind the suction power of the chimney for domestic use suction power of 1200 m3/hour in more than enough
    one should keep in mind that there are 2 suction motors inside a chimney so it makes noise any noise level between 56 db-58 db is good
    There are Kaff Kitchen chimneys in the market ranging from rs.10,000 to 50000 depending on the features and style
    Easy to clean
    Indian kitchens generate a lot of hot steam and oil residue so the cleaning manual should be read very careful while buying and one should select a chimney which has a easy which is easy to clean while some chimneys come with auto clean features but are relatively more expensive than the regular ones.

    Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

    Tempering is used more in Indian cuisine. In addition to this fry, grill. Doing, spices are also used in food. In such a situation a perfect chimney kitchen. Can easily remove smoke and odor.

    Things to consider before buying a fireplace:

    Whatever kitchen chimney you are going to buy online for your kitchen certain points must keep in mind.

    ➤Types of Chimney Filters
    ➤Type Kitchen Fireplace
    ➤Chimney suction power
    ➤Chimney size
    ➤Fireplace design
    ➤Chimney ducting

    Kitchen Chimney Filter Type:

    Chimney filter types are divided into 3 categories, depending on structure, material and filtering process.

    💥Has been classified.
    💥Cassette filter
    💥Baffle Filter (Best for Indian Food)
    💥carbon filter

    Types of kitchen chimney

    To decide what type of kitchen chimney is being used depends on the structure of the kitchen. And the construction was going to fit it and the location of the cooking platform, hob, stove. Those Kitchen chimneys divided into 3 - 4 categories where they can fit, based on capabilities has gone.

    ⭐Wall mounted chimney

    ⭐Island chimney

    ⭐Built-in chimney (Integrated)

    ⭐Corner chimney (Rare in India)

    1. Wall Mounted Chimney

    The kitchen chimney was mounted against the wall and the cooktop, with the hob also adjoining the wall.

    2. Island Chimney

    The cooking stage is located in the center of the kitchen, away from the wall. Kitchen fireplace cooking top Hangs on the roof above, hob.

    3. Built-in Chimney (Integrated)

    Built-in chimneys are integrated inside the wooden furniture work against the kitchen wall.

    4. Corner Chimney (Rare in India)

    Corner chimney is fitted in the corner of the kitchen where the top of the cooking, against the wall. Hob located in the corner.
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