5 Best Kitchen Chimney For Indian Kitchen In 2020 Under 12000 - Buying Guide & Price

Best Kitchen Chimney in India under 12000 in 2020

If you have landed on this article then you must probably looking for the best kitchen chimney in India in affordable price for your kitchen. But here we are not only listing 6 Best kitchen chimneys under 12000, but also highlighting all the essential features that must be required for a good kitchen chimney.
When it’s come to the kitchen, where we spend a very good amount of time throughout the day, So it also becomes important that we should install all the required kitchen appliance in our kitchen, suggested by the survey, specially mention about the importance of Kitchen chimney.
According to the survey by Home Appliance Industry (HAI), the survey found that kitchen chimney is the most required home appliance in your kitchen because the amount of carbon generate while cooking it can be very harmful to once healthy. Kitchen Chimney Under 12000
Without extending further about the importance of kitchen chimney, let’s jumped to our core discussion which is the “Best Kitchen Chimney In India Under 12000 in 2020

Best Kitchen Chimneys In India Under 12000 You Buy Online


Elica 60 chimney under 12000
Elica 60 chimney under 12000 on Amazon

Elica Kitchen chimney is one of the best chimneys you get under 12000 which is absolutely perfect and specially design for Indian kitchen after observation the Indian cooking style. Elica 60cm 1100 m3/hr chimney will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen because of its charming design and the chimney has some excellent feature which definitely hassles your cooking experience. Continuous exposure to smoke could be very dangerous for your health. The Elica kitchen chimney has a strong capacity of suction which completely remove aromas that can affect your health.

Why:  In our top 6 best kitchen chimney under 12000, Elica chimney holds the first position because of the feature its offer only in 12000, In comparison with other kitchen chimney brands

Some of the remarkable feature of Elica kitchen chimney


✔️Push Button Panel
✔️Baffle Filter
✔️LED Lamps
✔️Max Air Flow (1100m 3/hr)
✔️Airflow Displacement
✔️Noise Level: 58 dB

Eurodomo chimney under 12000
Buy Eurodomo chimney Under 12000 On Amazon

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3, kitchen chimney is one of the best of eurodomo brand. This Eurodomo chimney comes with some of the advance technology like heat auto clean technology and also come with an oil collector support system which gives a complete hassle-free cleaning for the kitchen chimney. 

Eurodomo chimney comes with baffle filter and stainless steel technology that give you fully ensure about the durability of its filters and its overall hood. It has the touch control panel which enhances the design of the euro demo chimney.

Why: The reason why we have listed Eurodomo kitchen chimney in our top 6 best kitchen chimney under 12000 because it’s perfectly designed for India kitchen and it’s fully compatible and user-friendly, easy navigation system which make the user use very easily with its control touch panel.


✔️Voltage: 230 volts
✔️Wattage: 180 watts
✔️Airflow Displacement
✔️Material: Glass
✔️1200m3/hr suction power
✔️Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
✔️Heat Auto Clean Technology
✔️LED lights
✔️Elegant Body

3. KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney for the kitchen (ELBAA MX 60, Grey)

 Kaff 60cm 1000m3 Kitchen Chimney Reviews
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👉The KAFF kitchen chimney has a suction capacity of 1000 m³/hr, having advance technology and excellent ergonomic design. Read the review of kaff chimney to have brode understanding about the advance technology and the design of kaff chimney that way we have listed this kaff chimney in the best kitchen chimney under 12000 because of its include all the important feature.

👉KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney for the kitchen(ELBAA MX 60, Grey), It has an excellent metallic motor which is very essay to operate. The metallic power of kaff chimney provides an extraordinary capacity of suction smoke. Kaff 60 cm come very first in our list based on the kaff kitchen chimney reviews which we got from the satisfied customer 

👉This Kaff electric chimney has a very good long life guarantee

👉Some of the impressive features of this kaff chimney is, impressive low power consumption and making very less noise, almost to nothing, very smooth.

👉This kaff chimney is in build with cassette filter and the and the material utilized the build this filter is aluminum. And the mesh which is used in this thats provides gaps so air can pass between them

👉Kaff provides the best Oil and best grease particles in the airstrike to this mesh aluminium thread which plays a very significant role in removable pf dust and dirt, but it's very important to clean on weekly bases and must clean you kitchen chimney in proper ways to use for a longer time.

👉The stylish kaff kitchen chimney and the perfect design to fit your kitchen and a stainless steel finish give you the belief on the strength of kaff chimney that is way, it's perfect for your modern kitchen. Best chimney in India under 12000

👉High suction power capacity, is absolutely perfect for the small kitchen which does not experience heavy-duty cooking. While the aluminium filter used in this kaff chimney make your cleaning process very easy and smooth.

👉The Kaff brand they have mentioned in the guideline that the brand providing 7 years of guaranty of its motor which very few kitchen chimney brands offer. It's is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India which is perfect for your kitchen.

This kaff chimney having excellent customer reviews you may on amazon

Pons -

✔️Size:60 cm
✔️Suction Power: 1000 m3/hr
✔️Warranty: 1 year on the product guaranty, 7 years on motor
✔️Cassette Filter
✔️Push Button Control
✔️Type: Pyramid, Wall Mounted

Cons -

❌AS per the reviews, I personally wound find any cons

KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/hr Kaff Chimney Review (FIM BF 60, 2Baffle Filters, Steel & Black)

 Kaff 60cm 1080 m3  chimney reviews

 Buy Kaff chimney

Till know Kaff 60 kitchen chimney is the most affordable chimney in India under 12000 and highest-selling chimney with advance feature.

👉KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/hr Kaff Chimney Review (FIM BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Steel & Black) Chimney has a suction power capacity of 1080 m3/h. This kitchen chimney has, FIM BF 60 is a best for Indian kitchen and it's absolutely perfect for Indian style cooking.

👉Kaff 60cm, kitchen chimney, is available in multiple options like it comes with a stainless finishstainless steel finish and the hood also have LED Light which provides perfect lighting while you cooking in your kitchen and provide you perfect light so you do your cooking easily. 

👉This Kaff chimney, having an excellent design and advanced technology which helps to maintain and give you a smoke-free kitchen, clean kitchen and fresh. Kitchen Chimney Under 12000

👉It has LED light which gives you perfect combines of light and work and excellent light distribution with a low level of power consumption. It has a long lifespan and also provides brightness in your kitchen. After going through the kaffa chimney, we found that the brands provide very good after sell service.

👉This kaff kitchen chimney is equipped with the Baffle Filter which is absolutely perfect for Indian kitchen and many of the experts highlight the importance of cleaning of kitchen chimney for a long lifespan of the chimney

👉The baffle filter, the brands have used in this kitchen chimney is absolutely high quality which collects all grease, smoke and dust particles which is produced while cooking. The maintenance of the baffle filter required very less time and money and needs to be cleaned once in a while for the proper functioning of the chimney.

👉The noise feature of kaff 60cm is absolutely phenomenal (The word phenomenal taken from one of the reviews on this model), So, Now you don’t need to worry about a noisy of your kitchen chimney if your go with this model, as this chimney is designed to produce low levels of noise.

👉This Kaff chimney comes with one year warranty on a product and 7 years on motor.

Pros -

✔️Size:60 cm
✔️Suction Capacity: 1080 m3/hr
✔️Warranty: 1 year on Complete product, 7 years on motor
✔️Control Type: Push Button Control

Cons -

❌Very Less noise

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KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/h Kaff Chimney Review (NERO MX 60, Black)

 Kaff 60 cm kitchen chimney reviews

 Buy kaff chimney on amazon

👉KAFF 60 cm 1080 m3/h Chimney boasted with an impressive suction power capacity of 1080 cubic per meter/hour which is absolutely amazing suction power give by any brands and comes with a high-quality filter called aluminium filter and sufficient to rid fumes and smoke from your kitchen. Best Kitchen Chimney in India under 12000

👉This modal of kaff kitchen chimney has a maximum noise level of 62 dB which is very less compare to other brands kitchen chimney and the functioning of the chimney is very silently and remove odours and fumes to keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

👉So, Furthermore, this kaff modal, kitchen chimney is very much compact in size and makes it perfect for you to buy and installed over cooktops. This kitchen chimney has an excellent design which increases the beauty of your overall kitchen, enhancing its elegance and many more.

👉The push controls feature of this kitchen chimney make it very essay to operate, it so eases that anybody can easily handle it.

👉It has an Aluminium cassette filter which is very light, so the cleaning became very if you go with this kaff modal and very easy to handle. It (Kaff Chimney) has Multiple layers of oil particle from smoke, mesh retain grease, and that helps to throw out smoke from your kitchen.

👉One of the hardest things to clean your kitchen and especially when you don't have a kitchen chimney install in your kitchen, In Such situation,  The smoke get produce while cooking its leave fumes which leave imprints in your kitchen and that make your kitchen messy and hard to clean. The Kaff chimney model will provide proper ventilation to your kitchen when you are cooking.

👉Finally, This Kaff kitchen chimney, having an impressive suction power capacity of 1080 m3/h while producing a maximum noise level of 62 dB which give you a very pleasant feeling while cooking. Under 12000 Kitchen Chimney

👉This Kaff 60 cm wide Kaff kitchen chimney is perfect for a cooktop of the same or smaller size. The Kaff kitchen has a warranty of 1 year on a product and 7 years on motor.

Pros –

✔️Size:60 cm
✔️Suction Power Capacity: 1080 m3/hr
✔️Warranty: 1 year on the product, 7 years on motor
✔️Cassette Filter
✔️Control Type: Push Button Control

Cons –

❌One thing to keep in mind clean it every second week