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t Kaff  Kitchen Chimney For Indian Kitchen 2020

The kaff brand products are of good design, quality, style.

This chimney is available in many colors. It is 60 cm in size and is suitable for 2-4 burners. It can be mounted on the wall and its air flow is 1080 cubic meters per hour.

Kaff Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

    KAFF 60CM 1080 M3/HR Best Kitchen Chimney

    KAFF 60CM 1080 M3/HR Best Kitchen Chimney

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    when you are looking for the most delightful and most styling kitchen chimney with best compatible size along with extra ordinary future, which delight your overall  cooking expression, then KAFF 60 CM 1080 M3/ HR Kitchen Chimney, would be an excellent chose  for your kitchen.

    1. Size - 60 CM
    1. 2-4 is right for burners
    1. Can be mounted on the wall
    1. Baffle filter
    1. Push button control
    1. Available in a variety of colors

    Best Selling Kitchen Chimney For March 2020

    KAFF 60CM 1080 Kitchen Chimney

    Kaff 60CM, kitchen chimney is designed with most of the advance technology yo enhance your cooking experience and perfect for kitchen's requirement. Kaff 60 Cm  having the capacity of around 1080 M3/ per hour, which is significantly very impressive, LED Light lamps, 57 dba Max Noise Level and its also available in steel finish. 


    Kaff 60 cm 1080 having a suction power of 1080 m³/hr. this kitchen chimney combines its elegant design and advanced technology to maintain a smoke-free, fresh and clean kitchen


    LED light combines excellent light distribution with a low level of energy consumption, Gives high brightness & long lifespan.


    Comes with high-quality baffle filter that collects all grease, smoke and dust particles. The filter needs very less maintenance and needs to be cleaned once in a while for proper working.


    You don’t have to worry about a noisy kitchen, as this chimney is designed to produce low levels of noise.

    The Best Way To Clean Kaff Kitchen Chimney

    • First remove all the filter
    • Then, Take a wet cotton cloth and clean the dust over hood
    • Take a bucket fill with water or you can take boiling water
    • Add any dish washer liquid
    • Add baking soda, if you want
    • Leave it for 30 minutes 
    • At the end you , may use scrubber to remove the dust 
    • And wash with water


    KAFF, claim to be  providing best kitchen chimney for Indian kitchen  with all possible convenience which can enhance you cooking experience with Kaff, and focuses on making your kitchen, experience a rewarding one. Kaff generally offer varieties  of home appliance with advance technology , in the widest ranges. And that what make Kaff one of the renowned home appliance brand in India which delivered a wonderful time in you kitchen.