Top 5 Best Faber Chimneys Reviews & Price | Kitchen Chimney In India 2020

The faber Kitchen chimney may not be the most incredible technological breakthrough of this age, but having the best faber kitchen chimney in your kitchen has probably enhance your overall cooking experience.

As a new invention, kitchen chimneys may have briefly seemed like a luxury, but they’ve long since moved into the category of necessity for most of us. In fact, in today date almost 80% of households in India, have faber chimney in their kitchen , and  those kitchen chimney comes with a maximum life expectancy near around  5 - 8 years, at some point of time the owner of the house find theme self that they need a best kitchen chimney.

While the question arises whether or not you should buy a faber chimney is an easy one, navigating the wide world of kitchen chimneys, the faber chimney options available to you for purchasing is another thing altogether. Here,in this article you find the best best faber kitchen chimney in  India for your lifestyle, we’ve created the following guide on everything you need to know when you are willing to buy best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

Best Faber Chimneys You May Buy Online In India

Best Faber Kitchen Chimneys Buy Now

Pureflames Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Seavy 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

Faber Straight Glass Kitchen Chimney

Bosch Wall-Mounted Chimney, Glass Hood

Faber Auto Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Glen Designer Kitchen Chimney 

    5 Types Faber Kitchen Chimneys

    The are multiple type of best faber chimneys are available in the market  and you must know which type of chimney you need  and that entirely depend on the design layout of your kitchen. If you are building your home or completely refurnishing your kitchen layout, then you have multiple option for your kitchen chimneys that can seamlessly blend into your home. Otherwise, you will probably want to go with a chimney of size and type that best works with the space you already have.

    1. Best Faber chimneys in Indai For Your Kitchen

    Faber Kitchen Chimney are easily the most common type of kitchen chimney you may come across when you looking to buy a chimney. The popularity faber kitchen chimney is probably due to how easy these units are to buy, replace and set up and installation would be provided by the respective you choose.

    The only real consideration you need to take into account is the size of your faber chimney and whether you have enough space on your kitchen. The vast majority of most affordable kitchen chimneys you will come across are likely to fall into the faber category.


    • Affordable  options.
    • Easy to purchase or replace.
    • Installation required
    • Light weight and easy to Install

    2. Best over-the-range kitchen chimney For Indian Kitchen

     Seavy Kitchen Chimney For Your kitchen
     View On Amazon Seavy Kitchen Chimney

    An over-the-range faber chimney will be installed directly above your stove top or cooking range. These kitchen chimneys usually are installed flush amongst your kitchen cabinets, so it blends right into rest of the kitchen.

    Widely regarded as luxurious and elegant, an over-the-range faber chimneys have a few extra benefits that are not available in other types of chimneys. The most obvious benefit is how much counter top space you can save. However, the majority of these kitchen chimneys also have a light fixture at the bottom of it to help illuminate the cooking surface down below. Additionally, they typically have a built-in ventilation system that can remove odors, fumes and excessive heat or exhaust fan.

    If your kitchen layout is small and the counter space is limited, then faber chimney may be the best practical choice for you.


    • Doesn’t use any counter space because its above the stove.
    • Provides extra lighting below.
    • To Keep in Mind:
    • Often hard for kids to reach.
    • Installation Require .

    3. Most stylish Kitchen Chimney In India 

     Faber 90 cm kitchen chimney
    View On Amazon Faber 90 Cm Kitchen Chimney

    Over-the-range hood are the most common type and the only type built-in kitchen chimney , but you have plenty of other options as well in faber chimney category. In fact, this type of faber rang hood can be built into your kitchen in just about a particular space that can fit the dimensions and electrical requirements for functioning this kitchen chimney.

    These kitchen chimneys (rang hood) are common if you are refurnishing your kitchen design layout, having a custom cabinets designed kitchen chimney. Built-in kitchen chimney are often installed directly above a stove, but the location you install it can vary depending on your kitchen design layout with some modification.

    You do need to keep certain factors in your mind while buying a faber kitchen chimneys for your kitchen like convenience and aesthetics when deciding where to install chimney, but the choice is ultimately up to you that where and how you want your kitchen chimney to look like.


    • Elegantly  built to match and look like other home appliances.
    • To Keep in Mind:
    • Installation Requires .
    • Quite expensive than other types of kitchen chimneys.
    • Must be installed, in a spot where they will be convenient to use.
     View on amazon Fiber kitchen chimney
    Keep your kitchen clean with the Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction faber Chimney.It is the best faber kitchen chimney you can buy for your kitchen. It has some amazing  unique features  like auto-cleaning function that makes perfect for cleaning dirt, grease in kitchens,  smoke and it also got 3D T2S2 technology which enhance the overall performance of your faber chimney.
    Here, We have given our top priority to the faber  60cm kitchen chimney. It has a strong capacity of suction  power and advance filtration technology to support Indian kitchen environment where a lot of oil use while cooking food and the advance feature of this best faber chimney that it has a oil filtration system which filter the oil in separate container

    • Strong suction power with a capacity of 1095 m3/hr
    • Baffle filtration technology
    • Chimney using a 3-way suction flow.Reduction of 15% grease and 10 dB of noise.
    • 4 push button switches
    • 3 for speed
    • 1 for LED light
    • Unique 3D T2S2 technology
    • It is made of stainless steel

    5. Faber 60cm 1000m3/hr Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, 2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black)

     Faber 60 cm kitchen chimney

     View on amazon Fiber kitchen chimney

    If you are looking for both powerful faber kitchen chimney with an excellent design, then faber 60 cm 1000m3/h fiber chimney is perfect for your kitchen. It has an excellent designed which decrease your overall timing in cleaning. Till, Now This faber kitchen chimney, is one of the best selling faber chimney on amazon. This design of this faber chimney can enhance the beauty of our kitchen.


    • Powerful Moter
    • 12 Year Warranty on Motor and Rotor
    • Impressive Design
    • Strong suction power

    8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Faber Kitchen Chimney For Your Kitchen

    When it comes to buying a kitchen chimney, some of the factors you need to keep in mind that your personal performance is not lacking if you a particular kitchen chimney, while others will be determined more by the space you have to work with. So In this article, we are highlighting some of the most important factors to consider in order for you to find the best kitchen chimney in India for you Kitchen.

    1. Layout Of Your Kitchen

    Your kitchen chimney needs to fit into your kitchen and it will become a part of it. If aesthetics of your kitchen chimney are important to you, then you have to give cautious thinking about how it will look with everything around your kitchen. If the other home appliances in your kitchen are stainless steel, then you will likely want to go with a kitchen chimney it's matches. Or perhaps you can use your favorite color in your kitchen.

    If you are replacing your old kitchen chimney that no longer working, you will definitely  need to find something that fits into your kitchen space. Consider the dimensions of the kitchen chimney you are replacing and try to find a unit that matches your kitchen layout. Many times, you start looking with the same brand and find a comparable size.

    You should consider how you utilized your kitchen on regular bases and which areas of your kitchen you spent most of you time while working and ask yourself that it would be convenient or inconvenient for you to place your new kitchen chimney in a particular space. Counter top space is a valuable commodity in every kitchen, so are you willing to give it up for a new Kitchen chimney?

    Don’t just purchase the first kitchen chimney you see that you like, take some time and make sure that it will work well in the kitchen while working.

    2. Size Of Your Kitchen Chimney

    No matter what type of kitchen chimney you going with, ultimately the size of your kitchen chimney will matter. To start, you have to consider the kitchen space available to you in your kitchen while cooking. You don’t want to face the fate of bringing home a kitchen chimney you love only to realize that it won’t physically fit in the space you have allotted to the kitchen chimney you have bought.

    Size is, hands down, one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a best kitchen chimney for your kitchen. Before you start browsing on the internet about all available option to, it would be wise to get a clear cut idea of the space which you have in your kitchen and the size that would work best for you.

    3. Wattage Of Your Kitchen Chimney

    The main thing you need to know about the wattage of the chimney,  the higher the wattage, the better it's work and more evenly you can expect the kitchen chimney to heat the contents inside. Usually, as long as a kitchen chimney is at least 1,000 watts, it should work excellently well. You can find kitchen chimney with lower wattage that are usually little bit cheaper compare to high wattage, but they’ll be slower and oftentimes less reliable. With these low-wattage chmineys units, we would definitely recommend you purchasing from a reputable brand and reading reviews for each unit.

    4. Reliability Of Your Kitchen Chimney

    Even the most durable kitchen chimney are likely to have a shelf life of somewhere around 10 -15 years or so, with the average lifespan of a kitchen chimney coming by 9 years. If it is extremely important to you to find a best kitchen chimney that will last for as long as possible because you not a regular item for buying, take your time to read reviews you can find of the model you are looking for. Chances are, you will be replacing the kitchen chimney one way or another within a 10 -20 years, so you may find it makes more sense to focus your decision on other features than durability of the kitchen chimney you purchase.

    5. Price Of A Kitchen Chimney

    Price is always an important consideration when ever you consider to purchase any types of home appliance, weather kitchen chimney or microwave, no matter how large or small it may be for you. You will quickly notice the price ranges for kitchen chimney will vary considerably, with a lot depending on which type of kitchen chimney you decide to invest in.

    6. Programmed Settings Of Your Kitchen Chimney

    How valuable programmed settings of a kitchen chimney, are for you have everything to do with your personal preferences that how you use programmed setting. Some people never think of using them even when they are there, others find it annoying and boring and  actually use manually option to keep their kitchen chimney setting.

    If you like to get what you need from your kitchen chimney without having to put much thought into it, look for a model with a variety of programmed settings that includes the items you will most likely be using with your kitchen chimney.

    7. Noise Of Kitchen Chimney

    Noise is a concern for everyone, but some kitchen chimney will be louder than others and if you are to sensitive to the noise they make, then you will want to try out the model. If you’re considering buying a kitchen chimney online and won’t have a chance to try it out, customer reviews about the specific chimney will often mention on the website, if a chimney is particularly noisy, then you can find out which particular model to avoid. While this is rare for kitchen chimney, you may also find decibel ratings listed for each unit.

    8. Safety From Kitchen Chimney

    While you may encounter the occasional alarmist article regarding kitchen chimney leaking smoke causes many health problem. The only real safety concerns that come with kitchen chimney are the slight possibility of one catching fire and the need to teach kids to be careful when using them and removing hot items that are difficult to reach can cause problems.

    For the most part, kitchen chimney safety issues generally have more to do with proper use than which model you purchase, but to be on safety side, you can always check the reviews which talk about the safety of kitchen chimney and your kitchen